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Niqui McCown

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The summer of 2001 was an exciting one for 28-year-old Niqui McCown. She spent most of her time putting the final touches on her wedding, which was to be held in August.

On Sunday, July 22, Niqui dropped her fiancé, Bobby Webster, off at a local Richmond, Indiana, tuxedo shop for a fitting with his best man. Before they went their separate ways, Niqui and Bobby agreed to meet back at their place at 6:00 pm so they could finish addressing wedding invitations.

Next, Niqui went to the laundromat like she did every Sunday. She started on her clothes, then went to her parents’ house, which was only a block away. During her short visit, Niqui told her mom Barbara that two men had been harassing her at the laundromat. Barbara thought nothing of her daughter’s story - Niqui was a beautiful woman, and men often hit on her. Barbara figured that’s what was happening.

Niqui didn’t stay at her parents’ house long - she had to return to pick up her clothes, something she was nervous about doing because of the harassing men.

Before 3:00 pm, Niqui left her parents’ house and returned to the laundromat. Her family has not seen or heard from her since.

Marilyn Renee Nicole "Niqui" McCown was last seen in Richmond, Indiana, on July 22nd, 2001. Niqui is 5’2”, African American, with brown eyes and brown hair. Niqui was 28 years old and 115 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen wearing a bright pink and purple floral swimsuit top, dark-colored shorts, diamond earrings, and a white gold bracelet. Today, she would be 49 years old.

Anyone with information can call the Richmond Police Department at 765-983-7247. You can also submit tips at

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