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Missing: Denise Pflum

Missing: Denise Pflum

In March 1986, Denise Pflum really had it all. She was at the top of her senior class at Connersville High School in Indiana, in leadership positions in several clubs, and a member of the National Honor Society. She’d been accepted into her college of choice, and it was her last spring break before graduating.


When Denise suddenly goes missing, her father’s cousin is assigned to her case. The Pflums let out a sigh of relief, knowing that someone who knows Denise and cares for her is on the case.


But over 30 years later, the case remains unsolved, and the same rumors about how the investigation was handled and who may have been responsible are still swirling.


18-year-old Denise Pflum was last seen at about 12:30 pm on Friday, March 28th, 1986, at her home in Connersville, Indiana. She is white with brown hair and brown eyes and is 5’6”. At the time of her disappearance, she weighed approximately 135lbs and was wearing striped jeans, a Motley Crue t-shirt, and old sneakers.


Anyone with information is asked to call The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 825-1110 or the Indiana State Police at (765) 778-2121.

Denise Pflum Voices for Justice Podcast


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