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Missing: Celina Mays

Missing: Celina Mays

12-year-old Celina Mays went missing from Willingboro, New Jersey, on December 16, 1996. Celina was reported missing, but her disappearance wasn’t really treated as a potential crime by her family or local law enforcement. In fact, it took days for police to find out perhaps the most important detail – 12-year-old Celina was pregnant and due in only two weeks.


Now, it’s been over 25 years, and Celina is still missing. But what they’ve found out about her life leading up to that day paints a dark, sinister picture of what her fate could have been.


Anyone with information about Celina Mays is asked to call The Willingboro Police at 609-877-3001 or NCMEC at 1-800-TheLost.


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