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Murdered: Cindy James

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

On May 25, 1989, 44-year-old Cindy James disappeared from Richmond, British Columbia, in Canada. Immediately, Cindy’s friends and family were worried for her safety because, for about seven years, she had suffered almost 100 incidents of harassment from a stalker. These incidents ranged from threatening phone calls and letters to physical attacks that almost killed Cindy.

Searches for Cindy began immediately. Then, two weeks later, Cindy’s body was in the yard of an abandoned house around a mile from where she was last seen. She’d been drugged and strangled.

After a month of investigating, police concluded that Cindy had completed suicide in an elaborate ruse staged to look like a murder. They further alleged that she’d faked all the incidents of harassment over the years. But Cindy’s family and many experts disagree.

Anyone with information about Cindy James is urged to contact the RCMP tip line at 1800-222-8477.

The Mysterious Death of Cindy James Voices for Justice Podcast


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