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Murdered: Susan Lund

Today, I’m joined by Laurah Norton to discuss the case of Susan Lund and the nearly 30-year journey to identify her. Laurah worked for years to help identify Susan with an incredible team of experts, but her case is still in need of justice.

According to Paul Lund, On Christmas Eve, 1992, his 25-year-old wife, Susan Lund, went missing on a walk to the grocery store to buy ingredients for their family’s holiday dinner. He reported her missing not long after.

About a month later, near the end of January 1993, Susan’s partial remains were found near Ina, Illinois, in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park. Unfortunately, Susan remained unidentified for decades and was only known as Ina Jane Doe. In a strange twist of fate, not long after she went missing, Susan’s case was closed after a mysterious woman came forward and identified herself as Susan.

Susan’s children spent decades believing she may have intentionally left them and never chose to reach out again.

But in early 2021, Dr. Amy Michael, assistant professor of anthropology at The University of New Hampshire, along with writer, researcher, and host Laurah Norton, were approved by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to reexamine the case.

Through their journey, they worked with a variety of experts to correct misconceptions about Ina Jane Doe. When the genealogists at Redgrave Research joined the efforts, they finally identified her as Susan Lund in 2022.

Laurah Norton recently chronicled this incredible journey along with the science behind it in her upcoming book, Lay Them to Rest. So, I invited her on the show to discuss her book, Susan’s case, the inner workings behind doing this type of work, and, of course, how you can help.

If you have any information about Susan Lund, please call The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 618-242-TIPS.

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