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Jessie Grace Moore

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Today I am discussing the case of Jessie Grace Moore. Jessie was 23 years old when she went missing from Wenatchee, Washington on June 20th 2016. On that same day a man recorded a very disturbing video of her and posted it to social media. When her family saw this video they were stunned because not only had most of Jessie’s hair been shaved off but there were also some odd designs shaved into both sides of her head. After a recanted witness statement, this is now the last confirmed sighting of Jessie.

Frustrated by a lack of answers and progress, Jessie’s mom, Sherrie Woodle actually infiltrated the very dark and dangerous world of the people she believes may be responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. And Jessie’s sister Brittany has been trying so hard to share this case on social media for years. Once I heard the details of the case, how hard this family has been fighting and how dedicated the detective is to finding Jessie, I knew I had to help. So I connected with Brittany to help me understand some of the crazy twists, turns and evidence in this case a bit more.

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