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Missing: Angela Hammond

Missing: Angela Hammond

Angela Marie Hammond was 20 years old and four months pregnant when she called her fiancé’ Rob Shafer, from a pay phone in Clinton, Missouri, on April 4, 1991. He was babysitting his younger brother at his mother’s house. Angela was calling to cancel their plans for later that night, she was just too tired to stay out. She planned on heading to their shared home after the call. While speaking with Rob on the phone, a man approached Angela. She gave Rob a description of the man and his vehicle, and they resumed their conversation.


Then Rob hears Angela scream, and he assumes the receiver of the phone, hitting the side of the booth. Rob races to the location of the payphone and sees Angela and the man driving in the opposite direction. He slams on his brakes, puts his vehicle in reverse, and chases them for about two miles before his transmission fails and he loses them. Over the years, few credible leads have emerged in Angela’s case, but thirty years later, investigators say the largest clue may have been right in front of them since day one.


Angela is white with brown eyes and light brown hair, is 4’11”, and weighed approximately 140 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen wearing a white shirt with black spots, black slacks, and tennis shoes. As of recording this episode, Angela would now be in her 50s, and her child would be in their 30s.


Anyone with information about the disappearance of Angela Hammond is asked to contact the Clinton Police Department at 660-885-2679.


Anyone with information about the disappearance of Cheryl Ann Kenney is asked to contact the Nevada Police Department at 417-448-5100.


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