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Around 2:00 am, in the early hours of December 14, 2020, Kent Landry received a call from a Texas State Trooper. It was a call every parent dreads: his 21-year-old son Jason Landry had gotten into a car crash on his drive home for Christmas break.

The trooper reported that Jason’s car had been found abandoned on a gravel road in rural Luling, Texas which was only 30 minutes into his three-hour drive home. The car’s lights were still on, the keys were in the ignition and the passenger side door was still locked, but Jason was nowhere to be found. It seemed as if he’d fled the scene of the wreck. But to Kent, that didn’t sound like something his son would do.

Kent rushed to the scene. When got there, he saw that Jason’s clothes were scattered across the road, not far from where he’d wrecked. It was obvious to him that Jason didn’t just flee the scene. Something had happened and no one had investigated it.

Jason is white. He is 6’1”, 170 pounds, with brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, and a goatee. He sometimes wears glasses, although he didn’t have them with him when he got out of the car - he’s presumed to have been wearing contacts. Jason was 21 years old when he went missing. Today, he would be 23.

Anyone with information is asked to call Capt. Jeff Ferry at 512-398-6777 Ext. 4516. If you’d rather leave an anonymous tip, you can call 726-777-1359.

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