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Amber Tuccaro

Today I am discussing the case of 20-year-old Amber Tuccaro. In 2010 Amber took a trip to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada with her son and a friend. On the last night of their trip, she got a ride from a stranger and was never seen again. Two years later the police released audio of what is believed to be Amber’s last phone call and asked the public for help. After a lot of missteps by the police, a public apology and a slew of people coming forward to claim they know who harmed Amber, the case remains unsolved.

Listen Now:

Information to share:

Transcript of call:

TUCCARO: Where are we by?

U/M: We’re just heading south of uh Beaumont – or north of Beaumont.

TUCCARO: We’re heading north of Beaumont… Yo where are we going?

U/M: Just,

TUCCARO: No this isn’t…

U/M: …we’re taking the back road.

TUCCARO: Are you fucking kidding me?

U/M: No I’m not,

TUCCARO: You better not take- you better not be taking me anywhere I don’t wanna go. I wanna go into the city… hey,

U/M: To one end of the city.

TUCCARO: Yo we’re not going in the city are we?

U/M: We are, we’re going…

TUCCARO: No we’re not,

U/M: Yes we’re going to 50th street-

TUCCARO: … then where the fuck are these roads going to?

U/M: To 50th street.

TUCCARO: 50th street. Are you sure?

U/M: Absolutely.

TUCCARO: Yo where are we going?

U/M: 50th street.

TUCCARO: 50th street?

U/M: 50th street.

TUCCARO: East right?

U/M: East.

TUCCARO: The roads over now,

U/M: Yeah gravel.

TUCCARO: Gravel?

(Dial tone)

Please support Amber's family on Facebook:


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