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Dulce Alavez

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

5 year old Dulce Maria Alavez went missing on September 16, 2019 while playing in a park alone with her younger brother in Bridgeton, New Jersey. So many resources were deployed to help find Dulce but the Bridgeton Police have been unable to locate her.

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Resources used in this episode:,outing%20in%20a%20Bridgeton%20park.[0]=68.ARBOtg_EzhRcmJL8oU-GZvujSP2phkyBqSU1_hJViKsJDztld67ay6ZDYfFaLWi46bA7Jjp5DEwYU2vtmGuJ1gBWacLv1u2v11nx9OAgfyiAA9IDAy6gcCuzDNsFFkLvWZoL02C4FR9-cnvuBAgMv0nYBX4rUOzFm5--B3f7aTqx4cHB-w2JxsFsmb5xAsq-4hZnCc_bRt4HgmEvnQe0QtpcW57hjqg3lsNtY6nWF8lnLos7TbiFPSTZsxrphHbUdOzRftp2xkDz4QxK_O8p3hK_MPHcs4EXKQUKr9ehMBSO_6mSiQtF-4F0W5hF0O7AAzefSsUpTWDq2sfErmtcgg

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