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The Springfield Three

Updated: Sep 13

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In this episode, I discuss the disappearances of Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Sherrill Levitt, also known as “The Springfield Three.”

On June 6, 1992, Suzie and Stacy graduated from high school. That evening, they attended a few parties, then went back to Suzie’s house to spend the night. The next day, the girls planned to meet up with their friend, Janelle, so that they could go to a water park in Branson.

But when Janelle called Suzie’s house in the morning, no one answered. Hours later, Janelle went to Suzie’s to see if everything was okay. When she pulled up, she saw three cars parked outside: Suzie’s, Stacy’s, and Sherrill’s. Janelle looked around the property and didn’t see any sign of forced entry - the only thing that really seemed out of place was a broken porch light.

Inside, the house looked just as tidy as ever. All three of their purses and sets of keys were found, but no one was in the home.

Soon, more concerned friends and relatives, including Stacy's mom, showed up at the house. Eventually, they realized something was very wrong. They called the police to report all three women missing.

For the last 30 years, the Springfield Police have poured countless hours into investigating the disappearances, but all three remain unsolved.

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