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The Mysterious Death of Mitrice Richardson

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In the summer of 2009, 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson was living in Los Angeles, California. She had recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in psychology and was searching for the perfect doctorate program to continue her studies and pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist.

On the night of September 16, she went to a restaurant in Malibu, where she began exhibiting some strange behavior. While some people thought maybe Mitrice was drunk or on some type of drug it became apparent that she was actually struggling with her mental health.

Mitrice didn’t pay her bill, but the workers weren’t really concerned about that. They even discussed pulling their money together to help her. They were more concerned that she was obviously going through some type of crisis. So, they called the police, who then made the call that she did not need to be evaluated by a mental health professional. She was instead arrested and taken to jail. Her car was impounded, along with her cell phone and wallet.

A few hours later, at 12:38 a.m., Mitrice was released without any of her belongings, no money, no phone, and no car.

Almost a year later, in August 2010, Mitrice’s remains were located. Since then, the cause of her death has become a major topic of debate for her loved ones, the city, and across true crime. Almost immediately, investigators said no foul play was involved in Mitrice’s death.

But her loved ones and even certain members of law enforcement have voiced their concerns that the evidence suggests otherwise.

Mitrice’s mentor, Dr. Ronda Hampton, joins us this week to discuss the case in a very candid interview.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department at (213) 486-6900.

The Mysterious Death of Mitrice Richardson Voices for Justice Podcast


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