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Missing: Chelsea Grimm

Missing: Chelsea Grimm

On September 24, 2023, Chelsea Grimm, a 32-year-old woman from San Diego, California, embarked on a cross-country trip to Connecticut for a wedding. However, after a few days on the road, she only managed to reach Phoenix, Arizona. After calling her parents, Janet and Stephen Grimm, she realized that the trip was too ambitious for her to make alone. Instead of going back home, Chelsea decided to spend a few days camping in Arizona before heading back. She warned her parents that she would be in areas without cell service and not to worry if they couldn't reach her.

Several days passed, and Chelsea's parents hadn't heard from her, so they reported her missing on October 4th. The next day, Chelsea's abandoned vehicle was found on a dirt road with two flat tires. It was locked, and her belongings, including her phone, wallet, tent, sleeping bag, and beloved pet bearded dragon, were missing.

Initially, Chelsea's parents and investigators thought she might have gone camping. As they dug deeper, they discovered several things had happened between the last time Chelsea spoke to her parents. For instance, Chelsea had an encounter with the local sheriff's office, and she tried to pay for a hotel room using Euros, stating that she wanted to stay off the grid.

Chelsea Grimm was last seen on September 30, 2023, northeast of Ash Fork, Arizona. She is a white female with light brown or blondish hair and blue eyes. She is 5’8”, weighs approximately 115-135lbs, and has a tattoo of a vine with leaves on it on her left forearm. Her 2019 White Ford Escape SUV has been recovered.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Coconino Sheriff’s Office at 928-774-4523.


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