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Mark Himebaugh

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Mark Himebaugh was only 11 years old when he went missing from Middle Township, New Jersey in 1991. It’s as if Mark vanished into thin air. Although there are many witness statements about Mark’s whereabouts that day, the only physical clue found was Mark’s left shoe abandoned on the beach. Mark’s mother Maureen is begging the public to keep sharing his case and is hopeful that new DNA testing will finally break the case.

Mark Himebaugh went missing from Middle Township, New Jersey on November 25th, 1991. He was 11 years old at the time, with red hair, blue eyes and a lot of freckles. He was 4 feet tall and weighed 85 pounds. Mark is a white male. He was last seen at the Cape Cod County Park South at approximately 3:45pm. Anyone with information is urged to contact their local FBI office. You can also submit a tip anonymously online at Tips.FBI.GOV.

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