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Madalina Cojocari Update

Last year, in December 2022, I posted a minisode about missing 11-year-old, Madalina Cojocari. At that time, she’d been missing for less than two weeks. We didn’t know a lot about her case, mainly that Madalina was reported missing weeks after she was last seen. Which is never a great situation.

You might know Madalina’s case from the last known security footage of her getting off her school bus on November 21, 2022. Video footage like this is so valuable. But in Madalina’s case, they were already behind. This video is the last we know about Madalina’s whereabouts, but she wasn’t reported missing until weeks later on December 15th. So, by the time investigators began working the case, they were already way behind.

It's now been over 100 days since Madalina was last seen, so I wanted to bring us back to her case to hopefully raise more awareness and talk about some major updates, including a trip her mother made to a very remote area just after Madalina was last seen.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to contact the Cornelius Police Department at 704-892-7773.


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