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Kara Robinson Chamberlain

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In 2002, when Kara Robinson Chamberlain was just 15 years old, she was in the front yard of her friend’s home in Columbia, South Carolina when a man approached her. At first, he seemed friendly but then he pulled out a gun, pressed it against her neck, and forced Kara into a storage bin in the back of his vehicle.

Kara was held and assaulted for 18 hours before she escaped. Through the information she was able to provide to law enforcement, they discovered that the man who took her was Richard Evonitz. He wasn’t just a kidnapper and a pedophile; he was a serial killer. Before taking Kara, he’d killed 3 other girls from the state of Virginia- 16-year-old Sofia Silva in 1996, and sisters 15 year old Kristin Lisk and 12 year old Kati Lisk in 1997.

At 15 years old, Kara Robinson Chamberlain not only heroically escaped her captor, but she also helped police catch a serial killer before he could kill again. Her story is nothing short of incredible.

But it’s not my story to tell. So, I invited Kara on the podcast to tell her story in her own words. In addition to discussing what happened back in 2002, Kara and I discuss her experience with the media, how we really feel about the term closure, and ethics in true crime, specifically as it relates to consent in telling stories of survival like Kara’s.

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