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Josh Guimond

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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When Josh Guimond went missing in 2002, he was in the first semester of his junior year at St. John’s University in Minnesota. While Josh had been extremely ambitious for most of his life, with plans to even run for President when he came of age, this ambition only grew when he was in college. So, when Josh didn’t show up for a very important meeting for the campus’ pre-law society, his friends knew immediately that something was very wrong and reported his absence to campus security.

Investigators believe Josh was last seen earlier that morning walking the path around Stumpf Lake after he left a party around midnight. By most accounts, the early investigation into Josh’s disappearance heavily focused on the possibility that Josh somehow ended up in that lake or another nearby body of water. But as searches were conducted and new information came to light, years later, investigators would admit that they no longer believe Josh was in the water and began to consider foul play.

Over the next few years and decades, Josh’s case becomes riddled with theories as similar cases and new information emerges. Just some of the theories include Josh being in an accident, being the victim of a serial killer, having a secret life, and the possibility that his interest in the recent allegations against St. John’s Abbey led to his demise.

Anyone with information is asked to call Stearns County investigators at 320-251-4240. You can also submit tips or the Tri-County Crime Stoppers Tip line at 1-800-255-1301.


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