• Sarah Turney

Howard Brown

Updated: Jan 8

Today I am discussing the case of Howard Brown. Howard was hit and killed by a motorist in Paradise Valley, Arizona in November 2015. This motorist was 20-year-old Paige Denbow, daughter of then Vice Mayor of Paradise Valley, Paul Dembow. Paige’s father arrived at the crash scene quickly after she hit Howard Brown and took his daughter home approximately 30 minutes after the crash.

Paige was able to leave the scene without being tested for intoxication. When a Paradise Valley Police officer and a Detective from a neighboring police department arrived at the Dembow residence approximately 2 hours after the crash to speak with Paige, she was gone, and Paul Dembow had retained legal counsel for his daughter.

6 years later, in large part because of how little evidence was collected at the scene of the crash, Howard Brown’s family is still fighting for records, answers, and justice.

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