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Brandon Lawson & Action Oriented True Crime with The Cults, Crimes, & Cabernet Podcast

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This episode features Melissa and Whitney from the Cults, Crimes, and Cabernet podcast. Their team along with 6 other volunteers, including friend of the show Jason Watts, volunteered to search for Brandon Lawson in January 2022. After almost nine years of searching for Brandon, the team discovered items likely to belong to him. When authorities later searched they found human remains, also likely to have belonged to Brandon. Join me, Whitney, and Melissa as we discuss how we met, their pivot to creating more action oriented true crime, and this incredible discovery.

The needs of the Lawson family are unclear at this time. However, the proceeds of this episode will be withheld in the event they need funds for a funeral or further investigative services.

Support Brandon's family-

Check out Cults, Crimes, and Cabernet at


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