• Sarah Turney

Blake Chappell

17-year-old Blake Chappell went missing from Newnan, Georgia on October 16th, 2011 after attending his homecoming dance. His body was found in a nearby creek two months later. The autopsy confirmed Blake died from a gunshot wound to the head and his death was ruled a homicide. Officials believe he was only in the water for about a week, leaving his whereabouts unknown for weeks. It’s been over a decade since Blake was murdered but his mother Melissa is still fighting for answers.

Blake was a white male, 5’9, 125 lbs with reddish curly hair, two bottom lip piercings and had a playboy tattoo on the left side of his chest. There is debate about the clothing he was wearing that night, but likely a hoodie, pants and shoes. if you have any information about the disappearance or death of Blake Chappell please contact the Newnan Police at (770) 254-2355 or crime stoppers. Tips can be submitted anonymously.

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