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 Sarah Turney

New Episodes Coming in 2021!

 My name is Sarah, the host of this podcast. Season one is a deep dive into my sister, Alissa Turney's, missing persons case. It's a long and complicated story. Our father, is and always has been the only "person of interest" in this case. When I was 19 the police found that my father was hiding 26 pipe bombs and a manifesto for a mass murder plot. That day, the detectives on Alissa's case sat me down and told me that my father was a pedophile and a murderer. It took me awhile to believe he was guilty... but then I came around. 


Alissa's story has been told many times. But never by me from start to finish. I am going to dissect every piece of this story that I can remember in hopes of garnering media pressure for her case and hopefully raise some awareness along the way. 

After I tell Alissa's story, I am going to feature other stories from people like me. Stories of people actively fighting for justice. If you are or know someone fighting for justice and would like your story featured, please submit your story below.


Don't just listen to our stories, be a part of them. 

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