• Sarah Turney

The Story of a Madman Martyr

This episode wasn't easy to get through for so many reasons. My father's manifesto The Story of a Madman Martyr is a compilation of my father's life story, grudges, and plans for vengeance. The plan my father made to attack the union he used to be a member of is insane, violent, and terrifying. Especially when you consider the fact that he is a free man and very much still holds a grudge against this union.

This brings us to why he is so mad at this union and his reasoning behind this plan to commit domestic terrorism; Alissa. He claims that two men from that union kidnapped and murdered Alissa and buried her body in Desert Center, California. And my father claims to have in turn killed those two men as an act of revenge/out of self defense depending on the version he is telling... but in the end, we know these two men could not have possibly killed Alissa and that this "assassin story" is of course, just another elaborate fabrication.

And of course, an extremely difficult part of this episode was reading his writing that was directed at me. He tells me that Alissa is dead and that he is partially to blame. He warns me to not be an activist and claims that the reason he was so unkind to me before he went to prison was to help ease my pain had he enacted his grand plan. So many of his writings talk about me and how I am the reason he held on for so long and didn't kill himself or runaway... things he had threatened for my entire life.

But, I knew these stories had to be told as they could be vital pieces to the puzzle of what actually happened to Alissa.

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