• Sarah Turney

The Largest Explosive Seizure in Arizona History

This episode was so interesting for me to make. I wanted to rely heavily on the official records to explain the intricacies of the raid, the charges, the items found, etc. But I also wanted to weave in what it was like from my perspective. The way that my account weaved in to the official documents was pure luck. I couldn't have crafted it that way if I tried. Every time the records paused in the moment, I had my own experiences to insert.

And I had to insert them. It was truly one of the worse days of my life to this day. There were so many emotions being ripped away from my father so suddenly. At this time, he was my entire world. My security, my safety net, and someone I felt responsible for caring for.

To come back to my home and have him already gone was devastating. But, I kept myself rather composed until of course, they lost my dog. This is actually something that still gets brought up. I attended a Missing in Arizona Day, an event for families of the missing in Arizona, a few years back. And I saw Detective Andersen, who playfully joked with me and asked if I still planned on suing the police department for losing my dog, to which I laughed and said maybe.

It actually felt good to kind of laugh at myself in that moment. To revisit that day and talk about how bratty I was being. Although the majority of you are so extremely forgiving and understanding, I am still rather mortified at how I acted towards officers that day. I resorted to a level I have never gotten to again with the department. I pride myself on maintaining a professional relationship with the Phoenix Police, despite them not always returning the courtesy. But, I'm human, and I was having an extremely raw and surreal experience that day, so it was so therapeutic to tell that story while of course hugging my dog Marley extra close that day.

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