• Sarah Turney

Doctor's Note

Episode 8: Doctor’s Note is very timeline driven. And this was done on purpose. I wanted this episode to really be from the perspective of the police investigation. At this time, I was a teenager and although I could fill the episode with drama or angst , this podcast is about lining up the facts of the case to best understand what happened to Alissa. There is a time and place to talk about how this affected me and this episode wasn’t it.

When I got the documents for the Thomas Hymer confession, I was honestly floored. I never knew the details or the instances of him correctly identifying her jewelry and shoes. But, this is only the first pass we will be taking at Thomas Hymer. Although he was interviewed by the FBI at this point, in a future episode we will go over his interview with the Phoenix Police Department.

And that brings me to the two best detectives that, in my opinion, have ever been assigned to Alissa’s case; Detectives Stuart Somershoe and William Andersen. When I read through the files, I was so impressed at how quickly they got to work on Alissa’s case. Every day they were making calls, conducting interviews, looking for records, canvassing the neighborhood, gathering our trash… I really think they cared or at least they worked like they did. The conducted a pretty solid investigation in the 3 months before the December 11, 2008 meeting.

And that’s where I leave you. With me full of hope after taking on the responsibility of being the family contact for Alissa’s case and driving down the freeway to meet with the detectives to hear about the latest status of the case.

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