• Sarah Turney

Our Father's Investigation

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Episode 6 was so different to write and record. Alissa is now gone and explaining what that meant to so many different people was heartbreaking. Her friends were happy for her, our Aunts were immediately concerned, and I was jaded and then angry at her for abandoning me. At this point, there is barely a semblance of a police investigation so I focus heavily on what our father was doing during this time to find his daughter.

We explore his trips to California and learn that he was speaking to an unknown individual in that state quite a bit. Who that person was remains a mystery but in my opinion a rather vital one. We look into what my father considered to be his own investigation into this case. He sends the police multiple letters pointing them to look at many different people. He says that Alissa’s boyfriend, Jon, was abusive, that she could have been taken by a tattooed gentleman that frequented her work, and that other relatives grow pot… He also claims to have watched our Aunt Lynette’s house and saw a large variety of people coming and going from the residence.

He points a finger in so many different directions that it’s difficult to decipher what he wanted the police to pursue. But, perhaps this was a method of testing them to see what sticks. Is it the abusive boyfriend? The sketchy looking older guy from her work? Or perhaps a distant relative with a grudge? But what we don’t see is him trying to give them the video surveillance from the day she disappeared as he has claimed so many times. He’s not asking to be interviewed, or for anyone else to be interviewed for that matter. He’s simply not asking them to actively investigate, he’s just telling them stories about what he thinks may have happened. These letters include no call to action or questions about what the police are doing to find his daughter…

But like I keep saying, this story only gets worse and more strange.

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