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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Hey Guys,

Episode 5: Stories was a new challenge. Although I have always had a general idea of the timeline of May 17, 2001, Alissa's last day, I had never had the phone records to guide my memories and the statements of others. I sat and stared and debated that timeline for weeks. I sent ideas to friends and other creators to check for understanding. I really wanted to get this as correct as possible because it is so crucial to the case.

However, it is still purely my interpretation of all of this data but I tried my best. The two largest pain points of the timeline were the calls made to Jessica and when I was picked up by my father. They are both so important. Of course my being picked up effects the amount of unaccounted time our father spent "running errands" but Jessica's call could be an amazing piece of evidence if we had access to landline records. If our father called Jessica before he picked me up and we "discovered" Alissa was missing, it could be monumental to the case. I have to hold out hope that the police have these records and just haven't included them in my public records request.

Of course another large piece of this episode is my confronting Michael Turney face to face about Alissa's last day. Although it was my first time asking him about his recollection of this day, he's instantly irritated that I'm even asking. He swears he told his kids about picking Alissa up early and sticks with his story that he did so in order for Alissa to be able to avoid her boyfriend despite them actually having plans to get together that night.

Another unique aspect to this episode is that we are pivoting into the investigation and this is where I am counting on you guys to get involved. I need your help in deciphering this information and need as many unique perspectives as possible. What do you think of the timeline? Would you have positioned anything differently? I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together in this case.

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