• Sarah Turney

3000 Days

Hey Guys,

This was a BEAST of an episode and was literally almost 4 parts. There are so many reasons I wanted to focus on this part of the story. Part of me just couldn't bear getting to the point of the podcast in which Alissa was gone. Although the parts of her life I provided the most detail on were mostly unpleasant, she was still here with us... But the other part of me knew that I had to go into as much detail as possible about this time because I believe it speaks volumes to what is to come in the podcast.

We started with Alissa as just a little girl, left with our father after our mother passed. And we learned that Alissa had seemingly always spoke out that she was being abused... and we watch her transform from a young girl to a young woman planning to leave this abusive environment. But she just couldn't make it out in time. And just like creating Episode 3: The Brady Bunch, I knew I was once again setting Alissa up for success only to know that she would never achieve what she set out to do, survive.

But this is the episode where I knew I had to let Alissa go in this podcast and that was harder than I anticipated. But the harsh reality of this situation is also something I'm striving to convey. This story isn't clean or pretty and it doesn't always make sense. It's designed to leave you confused at certain points and crushed at others, because that's how it really happened and really feels. Thank you for continuously being so receptive to this experimental type of podcasting.

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