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The Brady Bunch

Updated: Feb 18

Alissa Turney and family

Episode 3: The Brady Bunch was so difficult to make. Building up my family to show all of the good times knowing that I was just going to tear it back down was so difficult. The truth is, my family showed so much promise. And I must have recorded the ending to the episode at least 5 times because I could not stop crying. I know it was an emotional episode, so thank you for going through that with me.

When planning out this podcast, I felt obligated to tell our mother’s story and answer the question of “Why would she leave Alissa with such a horrible man?” This was my chance to set the record straight. There were also so many things I couldn’t ignore from this time period; Alissa going to the doctor to be checked for sexual abuse, us being taken by child protective services,and my father’s perpetuation of sexually abusing women. And his treatment of our mother.

My entire life, our father spoke about how much he missed our mother, how much he loved her, and threatened her disappointment in me and Alissa if we didn’t “act like ladies”. She was held on this pedestal, her pictures on the wall always watching. To hear the things our father said about her, to learn about the way he treated her was heartbreaking. I never knew that our father had raped our Aunt Lynette and I never knew the details of how our mother died. It was heart wrenching.

The conversation I had with my Aunt Teresa was the first one I had with her in 25 years and we talked for almost 6 hours. And this isn’t uncommon in my interviews. I connected with so many old family friends and family members and when we started talking, we started sharing stories, and sparking each other’s memories. So most of my interviews last over 4 hours and condensing down all of this information and all of these stories is hard. I want to include everything, but I also have to think about capturing and retaining an audience in hopes of building media pressure, as was suggested by the police in 2017.

Honestly, these first few episodes are tame compared to what is to come. But they build the foundation for the rest. We are getting ready to dive deep into the details of her disappearance.

There are a lot of shocking documents and insane circumstances to explore. Thank you for going on this journey with me.

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