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Where Do I Begin?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Episode 2, “Where do I begin” was so difficult for me to put together. The evidence overwhelming to go through. If you didn’t catch it, it was about 3,000 pages worth Estimated very scientifically by piling reams of printer paper next to the stack in comparison. It still lives on my dining room table as I write this. But for five weeks, my only mission was to beat the stack. Every day after work, all day on weekends I sat and beat the stack. Report by report it began to shrink and my understanding of the case expanded more than I could have ever imagined. At the end of each day I found myself numb, staring at the stack. When I started making mistakes in my notes or when I caught myself being less thorough than normal, I knew it was time to take a break or stop for the night.

But, in the end it was SO worth it. I heard so many new stories in these reports. I was blown away. The thing with the stack is that in addition to all of the details of Alissa’s case are reports of the detectives reviewing audio and video tapes my father had been capturing and storing for almost 40 years. These along with interviews gave me so much insight. But with insight and knowledge comes responsibility.

I agonized over what to include in the episode. There are a lot of crazy topics that I present and unfortunately, like so many sexual abuse cases not investigated immediately, we don’t have physical evidence. But I believe the circumstantial evidence was enough to present and the stories were so relevant to Alissa’s story that I couldn’t leave them out. I hope that through this episode I established that violence and abuse were a persistent vein early in the Turney family. I believe this foundation and the building of this behavior over decades ultimately led to Alissa’s demise.

But, I really hope you guys enjoyed the episode. And I’m so happy to announce that you can expect new episodes every 2 weeks on Thursday. As always, thank you for going on this crazy ride with me and helping be another voice for justice through discussing and sharing Alissa’s story. You guys are amazing and consistently keep me going. THANK YOU!

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