• Sarah Turney


Episode 9 was unlike any other that I have released thus far. And also, one of the most vital in my opinion. In this episode you hear the unfiltered, unedited (minus a name or two) audio of when the police called me down to the police station while raiding my and my father's home in 2008.

I actually only got this audio a few months back. If you've listened to my interviews on other podcasts, you might remember me saying that this meeting only lasted a few minutes. But I was so wrong. I don't know if it was the trauma or the stress but I never remembered this meeting being 40+ minutes. But, it was. And I was astounded when I listened to it

Detectives Somershoe and Andersen explain to me that they have exhausted all leads and essentially that all roads point to my father being the one most likely responsible for Alissa's disappearance and that because of that and my father refusing to cooperate with the investigation that they were serving search warrants on our home right that moment.

And I crumbled immediately and began sobbing. I truly saw my whole life fall away right in front of me. Not only did I lose the stability and safety net I had with my father. I also saw my future slip right out of grasp. There would be no Spanish class, there would be no chance of going to University out of state. I had to help my father. And that began with racing to the house as quickly as I could, which is where I leave you in the episode.

I know this one was one of the hardest to listen to by far, so thank you again for sticking with my while I tell this story.

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